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Local Area Network Specialists

Networking Chicagoland Since 1984

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What I.T. is All About

I.T. is about more than just technology.  I.T. is about people. How they work, where they work, and how happy they are about the tools they work on. Since 1984 LANS, Inc. has been networking people through technology, with emphasis on the people. Of course, you have to be experts in technology to take good care of people, and we are. We have been building, trouble-shooting, and networking computers for nearly 30 years, for large and small corporations, schools, and organizations.

We're more than just experts in technology - we also know how business works. We understand that the desire for new technology doesn't always equal funds for new technology, and we will help you develop a plan to migrate you to the tools you need while keeping the tools you have working right now.

With LANS, Inc. you get a partner who will listen to what you want, who cares about what you are trying to accomplish, and who will be your partner to improve your business or departmental performance. From fixing your broken printer to installing a new PC to upgrading your internal wireless network to completely reconfiguring your workspace, LANS manages your systems so you don't have to. Our goal is for you to be able to sit down and get to work, every day, without worrying about how your technology is going to behave. After all, I.T. is not just about the technology. I.T.'s about you.


Medical College Asks LANS to Build Student Lab

When a local medical college wanted a new lab for their students recently, they turned to LANS. The college needed technology acquisition, infrastructure redesign, and even minor construction. The space available for the new lab was not quite large enough nor laid out properly, and school administrators needed help beyond the technology implementation. LANS consultants researched and acquired efficient desks with a smaller footprint, designed and built a new closet to protect important central networking technology, pulled wire, and installed a new switch, smart board, overhead projector, and printer, and configured each desktop with the complete medical curriculum required by the students. To keep installation time and costs down, LANS uses imaging technology that ensures a seamless and identical software installation on each workstation.

The result? A 25-workstation lab up and running in two days from tear-down to fully operational. When you need a technology partner that can serve your needs beyond just computers and printers, you need LANS.


You've Probably Walked Past Our Work

Digital display technology is an increasingly important part of retail selling, and LANS has extensive experience installing, repairing, programming, and upgrading digital displays. We provide display technology services for clients like AdSpace, who long provided the Chicago-area's Westfield Malls with their 8-foot digital monitors. If you are considering using digital imagery as a promotion device for your business - be it as small as an iPad or as large as your wall -LANS will help you assess your needs, acquire the technology, install it, and maintain it. Let LANS manager your digital display devices so you can get on with managing your business.


Industry Specialties

LANS can work in any business environment, but we have special expertise and loads of experience in the following industries:

  • Colleges
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Retail
  • Spas
  • Malls